Delivery and installation of heat generation equipment and related equipment

The selection and use of technological equipment and associated equipment appropriate to the technological needs and the environment or conditions of use shall be the basis for the long-term, energy-efficient and safe operation of the energy production facility.

We offer heat and electricity production equipment tested in practice and based on innovative engineering solutions, using only the products of the leading manufacturers in the market, which we are convinced that they will achieve the customer's intended tasks and will be able to give the customer the greatest technical and economic contributions.

We offer equipment for heat and electricity production.

Equipment that is intended for installation in energy production facilities from households to the needs of district heating systems or industrial technological processes.

Significant attention is paid to the technical functional compatibility of equipment and related equipment, including equipment that is already installed and used at the customer's power plant, so that during the operation of equipment and systems they act as a single and complementary technological equipment as whole.

If necessary, we provide only the delivery of the relevant equipment or offer to deliver the equipment with its installation and assembly, when a functional set of equipment and related equipment is handed over to the customer for use.


Information about the represented manufacturers in the section "EQUIPMENT"

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