Renewable energy resources - boiler plant and equipment

(Installations for the production of heat in which water, steam, thermal oil or air can be used as heat carrier)

•     Wood chips (fuel humidity in the range of 20% to 55%):

-     water-heating boilers with a production capacity of 250 kW to 12000 kW.

-     steam boilers with a steam generation capacity from 2000 kg / h to 10000 kg / h (respectively heat production capacity from 1800 kW to 9300 kW) and an operating pressure of 10 - 18 bar.

-     other products, such as hot air generators (on request).

•     Wood pellet water heating boilers with a heat carrier production capacity from 200 kW to 1000 kW.

About the manufacturer - COMPTE.R (France), an expert in the production of industrial biomass boilers with more than 130 years of experience in the design and production of biomass boilers. Today, COMPTE.R is a world leader in biomass energy.

COMPTE.R products are innovative biomass boilers with unique energy efficiency and a solid reputation, as well as being diverse enough to meet the requirements of each customer.

•     Wood pellets:

-     water-heating boilers with a production capacity of 23 kW to 2300 kW.

-     hot air generators with a production capacity of 29 kW to 93 kW.

-     fireplaces with liftable ceramic panoramic glass and integrated heating heat exchanger with a production capacity from 

15.8 kW to 31.0 kW.

About the manufacturer - TATANO (Italy) offers high quality biomass boilers, hot air generators, fireplaces and solar panels, which are innovative, reliable and ideal for all users who like simple and proven things.

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