Technological equipment of cogeneration stations

(for simultaneous production of heat and electricity)

Forgetting the mandatory procurement component (MPC), in case client has independent electricity consumption of the respective capacity, which has a small daily or seasonal change in consumption, and at the same time has a heat consumption load for heating, climate or technological consumption, it would be advisable to evaluate potential economic benefits (lower energy costs) to equip the facility with cogeneration equipment (ensuring the production of electricity as well as heat for own needs), thus obtaining the maximum impact of the external supply of energy resources on economic activity.

•     Natural gas, including LNG (Liqufied natural gas) cogeneration unit with an installed electricity generation capacity of 50 kWel to 4000 kWel

•     Biogas or landfill gas (biomass fermentation or gas extracted from landfill) cogeneration unit based on an internal combustion engine with an installed electricity generation capacity of 50 kWel to 4000 kWel

•     Syngas (wood pellet gasification product) – based on an internal combustion engine cogeneration unit sets (gasifier and cogeneration unit) with each installed production capacity of 50 kWel / 110 kWth, 165 kWel / 260 kWth and 180 kWel / 270 kWth

The manufacturers of technological equipment for our cogeneration units, 2G Energietechnik GmbH and Burkhardt GmbH, are market leaders in their professional field, using innovative solutions in their products and highly value their reputation and offer to ensure the after-sales monitoring of their products.


The compliance of the cogeneration equipment with the customer's needs and their optimal technical solution and the scope of completion with the related systems or equipment are evaluated and specified during the evaluation of the project offer and agreed in detail with the customer.

Depending on the customer's wishes, the main cogeneration unit can be equipped with related systems and equipment selected by the customer or already in place.

The maintenance of the equipment manufacturer's warranties is ensured, as well as the delivery of spare parts necessary for maintenance and repairs from the manufacturer's warehouse.

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