Condensing boilers and equipment

(Heat production equipment for households and small objects, with possible boiler efficiency up to 105%)

• Wood pellet fired high performance condensing type water heating boilers with production capacity from 7.5 kW to 150 kW

About the manufacturer - BioCurve (Spain) is based on a highly qualified technical team with extensive experience and engineering degrees, as well as a strong commitment to the environment and strong support for industrial production. It is an innovative company that uses several patents in its products and the company's products have been recognized in many internationally prestigious competitions.

BioCurve boilers have been approved for performance and compliance with defined operating conditions by prestigious laboratories (CEIS and CIRCE in Spain, KIWA in the United Kingdom, TÜV Rheinland in Germany).

BioCurve BCH boilers, thanks to their modularity, automatic cleaning and versatility, are an ideal choice for your home.

Boiler performance is based on a condensation cycle with the possibility of operation in the temperature range from 27oC to 80oC. Using these boilers significantly simplifies the heating system, i.e. no number of heating system flow and temperature control accessories is required.

Fuel supply solutions can be adapted to the capabilities and needs of each boiler installation site.

Full boiler control automation is provided and the possibility to control the boiler operation from a mobile phone without additional costs.

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