Fossil energy resources - boiler plant and equipment

(installations for the production of heat in which water, steam, thermal oil or air can be used as a heat carrier)

Comfort, safety and convenience when using heating systems in a home, district heating system or production process depend to a large extent on the choice of a heating system that meets the correct and actual working conditions, environment and needs.

Modern heating systems must be fully self-contained with high energy efficiency, be able to communicate and inform the user about events, needs or problems, and the chosen heating system must facilitate the user's daily life.

•     Natural gas as well as LNG (Liquefied natural gas), LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) and liquid fuel fired water heating or steam boilers with a steam production capacity from 50 kg / h to 50000 kg / h or heat carrier water production capacity from 200 kW to 15000 kW.

•     Electric steam generators for low consumption and installation in the environment and high purity steam supply, with steam production from 20 kg / h to 4500 kg / h.

As a manufacturer, ATTSU (Spain), the ATTSU group was formed in 1993 by the merger of ARCONES, TECNIVAP and TEYVI, which had a long career in the boiler industry. This group has become the largest boiler group in Spain.

ATTSU offers the market a wide range of products for heat production and transportation in various industries.

ATTSU's advanced technology and research and development center together with teams of technically qualified specialists allow the company to offer innovative, safe and highly competitive products.

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