Provision of service and maintenance

Energy-efficient and long-term safe use of process equipment is related to its maintenance in compliance with the service maintenance conditions and intervals specified by the equipment manufacturer, including adjustment (adoption) of equipment functional operating parameters to the conditions and requirements of each specific work environment.

The company's personnel for the proper use and maintenance of equipment and related equipment have been trained by the equipment manufacturer and SIA DEK Systems ensures compliance with the standards set by the manufacturer.

Regarding the maintenance of cogeneration units, the company's personnel have trained at 2G Energietechnik GmbH and MWM (current name Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH) training centers, obtaining independent maintenance and repair work permits (competence class) also for complex classification jobs for MWM, MAN and Liebherr internal combustion engines and cogeneration equipment and systems.

During the maintenance and repair of cogeneration equipment, the company uses only OEM classification spare parts and materials, the supply of which is ensured without intermediaries from the cogeneration equipment manufacturer or official dealer.

The organization of service maintenance and repair works is performed in agreement with the customer either on the basis of the call principle (in response to a help / service call) or by providing remote monitoring of equipment operation (24/7 equipment monitoring and control online) and independent response to equipment operation events as required.

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