Solar systems

(Solar systems from one source, from foundation to roof)

•     Energy-efficient high-performance solar collectors for the construction of heating and hot water systems or for increasing the energy efficiency of existing systems. CitrinSolar solar collectors have been tested by the ASIC testing institute and have been awarded the Solar Keymark certificate, which certifies the highest quality of the collectors - "made in Germany".

Several models of solar collectors are available for modeling solar heating and hot water supply systems, including CS 150; CS 250; CS 300; CS 350; CS 500 and CS 550.

All solar collectors have solar safety glass (thicker than 3.0 mm), a double collector frame made of aluminum, as well as an aluminum-copper absorber with a highly selective coating. The collectors are designed to work with a maximum pressure of 

10.0 bar.

According to the needs of the client, the manufacturer offers the optimal technical solution, including the connection of the heating system and the related equipment used in it. Given that, all system components are provided from a single source, the manufacturer also assumes the correct and appropriate functional operation of the equipment supplied.

•     Energy efficient high performance solar panels from Hanwha Q CELLS or other well known manufacturers.

Q.PEAK DUO-G8 (340 - 360) solar panels have a very innovative element technology and provide a panel efficiency that exceeds the power architecture of conventional panels. A reflector is located on the back of the solar panels, which ensures that when the sun's rays enter this nanoplate, they are redirected back through a silicon absorber for greater cell efficiency and output. The offered solar panels are an ideal choice in terms of quality, price and performance.

According to the client needs, the manufacturer offers the optimal technical solution, which is based on the goal of maximally balancing the amount of solar panel electricity generation and self-consumption, ie to ensure that all solar electricity is used in the facility, which increases the economic efficiency of the system. and economic viability.

In this regard, the manufacturer offers to complete the system with inverters and energy storage (storage equipment) available in the scope of delivery, including technological assessment of the use of solar electricity, for example, for hot water production, which significantly improves the economic efficiency of the entire facility.

About the manufacturer - CitrinSolar (Germany) has been producing solar systems since 2002. Thinking and acting, CitrinSolar focuses on the complete system, which is built using carefully selected system components that ensure their effective interaction.

When developing the products, great attention is paid to the convenient installation of the systems, long service life and high productivity of solar energy use.

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